Balanced Face by FR~HAUT Cosmetics is designed to address skin problems that are small everyday obstacles to the work of the beautician: acne, dermatitis, scars, dilated pore, ageing…

FR~HAUT Cosmetics introduces an excellent therapy that combines the use of Alpha and Beta-hydroxy acids. Thanks to this deep peeling of the skin we can work with a fundamental tool for a variety of treatments such as whiteners or cell regenerators (scars, blemishes or wrinkles). This results in a more radiant and younger looking skin.

HY+ is the exclusive, rehydrating and anti-ageing treatment with double action: on the surface and deep inside the skin to boost the skin’s capacity to retain its own water reserves.

TelangynTM is the new tetrapeptide developed by Lipotec laboratories that combats the undesired effects caused by capillary dilation and tissue degradation. Thanks to the dynamics developed by cell activities the depth of wrinkles is reduced. The skin absorbs more moisture again and presents a homogeneous, vivacious and less reddened appearance. Skin cells receive fresh energy. Its success is impressive!

White Tea is a global anti-ageing treatment designed to counter and prevent the effects the passing of time from showing on our skin. Such effect includeS the loss of firmness, elasticity, flaccidity, the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, loss of vitality, brightness, etc. It also protects skin from outside aggressions.

EVEN brings together a set of patents and natural active substances that are the result of biotechnological research. It is a powerful cocktail of active substances aimed at depigmenting, protecting and preventing skin’s oxidative photoageing. The result: skin will be much whitened, firmer, brighter and more radiant

Citrus Care combines the microencapsulated vitamin C and beta carotene to prevent the photo-ageing of the tissue and give skin a young and radiant look. Citrus Care is the ideal treatment before, during and after sun exposure but not only.

To some of the Freihaut treatments we can add microneedling, needle free mesotherapy, microcurrents or ultrasounds for deeper absorbtion of active ingridients.