Face Treatments



Balanced Face by FR~HAUT Cosmetics is designed to address skin
problems that are small everyday obstacles to the work of the beautician: acne, dermatitis, scars, dilated pore, aging…

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FR~HAUT Cosmetics introduces an excellent therapy that combines the use of Alpha and Beta-hydroxy acids. Thanks to this deep peeling of the skin we can work with a fundamental tool for a variety of treatments such as whiteners or cell regenerators (scars, blemishes or wrinkles). This results in a more radiant and younger looking skin.

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HY+ is the exclusive, rehydrating and anti-aging treatment with double action: on the surface and deep inside the skin to boost the skin’s capacity to retain its own water reserves.

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TelangynTM is the new tetrapeptide developed by Lipotec laboratories that combats the undesired effects caused by capillary dilation and tissue degradation. Thanks to the dynamics developed by cell activities the depth of wrinkles is reduced. The skin absorbs more moisture again and presents a homogeneous, vivacious and less reddened appearance. Skin cells receive fresh energy. Its success is impressive!

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White Tea is a global anti-aging treatment designed to counter and prevent the effects the passing of time from showing on our skin. Such effect includeS the loss of firmness, elasticity, flaccidity, the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, loss of vitality, brightness, etc. It also protects skin from outside aggressions.

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EVEN brings together a set of patents and natural active substances that are the result of biotechnological research. It is a powerful cocktail of active substances aimed at depigmenting, protecting and preventing skin’s oxidative photoageing. The result: skin will be much whitened, firmer, brighter and more radiant

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Citrus Care combines the microencapsulated vitamin C and beta carotene to prevent the photo-ageing of the tissue and give skin a young and radiant look. Citrus Care is the ideal treatment before, during and after sun exposure but not only.

To some of the Freihaut treatments we can add microneedling, needle free mesotherapy, microcurrents or ultrasounds for deeper absorbtion of active ingridients.


treatments – peel procedures
Chemical peels by dottore
studio.peel constitute the
essential instrument in
professional cosmetology
used to improve effectively
the most important aesthetic
parameters of the skin.

almond peel 40%
pH= 1.5 pKa= 3.41

Skin with imperfections, oily skin prone to
acne, balanced serum production, antibacterial
and antimicrobial properties, uneven skin tone.

Frequency of the cycle: 4-6 treatments
every 7-10 days. The treatment is applicable
throughout the whole year

glycolic acid peel 25%
pH= 1.5 pKa= 3.83

Sagging skin, lack of firmness, wrinkles,
aging skin, improvement of the structure and
condition of the skin, preparatory peel.

Frequency of the cycle: 6-10 treatments
every 7-14 days. The treatment is applicable
throughout autumn and spring.

pyruvic acid peel 40%
pH= 1.5 pKa= 2.89

Seborrheic, oily skin prone to acne, follicular
keratosis, photoaging.

Frequency of the cycle: 4-6 treatments
every 7-10 days. The treatment is applicable
throughout autumn and spring.

retino booster

Retino booster is a two-phase treatment combining a chemical
peel with an active mask containing retinol complex + retinyl
In the first phase of the treatment an antioxidant peel gel is applied
onto the face, neck and cleavage (15% of vitamin C + 15% of citric
acid, pH=1.7). The peel gently cleanses and brightens the skin
preparing it for the application of active ingredients of the second
phase of the treatment.
In the second phase of the treatment a mask is applied, which
contains: retinol complex + retinyl retinoate, WhiteTen® – skin
whitening ingredient preventing discolorations, nourishing Avocado
oil, lipoproteins and lipoamino acids contained in coconut oil.
The aim of the treatment is to provide the skin with the
greatest possible amount of the only biologically active form of
retinoids, i.e. retinoic acid; the skin is brightened and its tone
made even with minimal skin irritation.
The best results and the highest effectiveness is achieved by 4-5
treatments applied every 3-4 weeks.
recommended for:
skin with visible signs of aging, photoaging,
the stimulation of skin cells regeneration,
dull and grey skin without any glow, skin

rossatore xpress
The first treatment of adaptogenic effect
for couperose skin prone to rosacea.
It reduces skin hyper-reactivity, has anti-inflammatory
properties, improves skin tone and restores the proper
balance of the hydro-lipid barrier.
The basis for the innovative dottore treatment – rossatore xpress is to use
adaptogenic properties of highly valued plant in China, i.e. Schisandra
Chinesis. Adaptogens used in cosmetics are such plants which increase skin
immunity to harmful effects of physical and chemical stimuli, have
anti-inflammatory properties and reduce skin redness.
recommended for:
– couperose skin
– sensitive reactive skin
– rosacea
Recommended frequency of the cycle: 4-6 treatments every week.
The treatment is applicable throughout the whole year.

NMF xpress
Deeply hydrating NMF xpress regulates
skin keratinization, improves the structure
of collagen, increases the concentration of
glycosaminoglycans, hydrates and makes the
skin flexible.
The basis of NMF xpress is the combination of hydration stimulating
peel with lactic and citric acids and rich complex of substances of
proved moisturizing effects.
The most important of all is liposomal glacier water of highly hydrating
and energy boosting properties. It is also an absolutely unique
combination of minerals and trace elements. Due to its liposomal form
it may penetrate deeper skin layers. Therefore, the treatment effect
supplemented with home care treatment with NMF xpress sustains
even 48h.
recommended for:
– dry and excessively dry, dehydrated skin
– destroyed skin protective barrier by climate factors
(e.g. wind, sun, frost)
– genetic skin dryness
– dull and grey skin
– strengthening of the hydro-lipid skin barrier
– aging signs and wrinkles
Recommended frequency of the cycle is 4-6 treatments every
1-2 weeks. The treatment is applicable throughout the whole year