Body treatments

Anticellulite Treatment (legs and buttocks) Cellulite

It is the accumulation of fat in the fat cells of the subcutis. The scarcely elastic membranes surrounding them are deformed and pull their cutaneous fixation points, leading to bumps. These swelled adipocytes are immersed in the plasma fluid, stemming the fundamental substance, which then begins to harden. The fundamental substance is extremely rich in water but it grows the more viscous and denser the bigger the adipocyte is. This leads to stagnation resulting in a net that catches new adipocytes which form nodules. These nodules are easily felt by touch and form the so-called “orange peel skin”.

There are different types of cellulite and many are the factors behind its appearance, including hormonal, genetic factors, pour diet, physical inactivity or poor circulation and that is why its prevention and treatment require taking action and control of more than one factor.

It is pointless to work on fat accumulations and adipocytes if we do not act on their root causes. Therefore, with Reducel by Freihaut we work on three fundamental objectives that are the cause and the consequence of cellulite:

1. Action on the blood flow: stimulation of the blood flow using a warm lotion to promote the exchange of fluids in the connective tissue.

2.Fat dissolution and balancing the metabolism of the adipocyte:we achieve these targets by applying serum and cinnamon lotion.

3. Toxin drainage and purification: improving the lymphatic flow to drain and purify all the toxins resulting from fat combustion is very important as slow lymphatic flow is the cause and the consequence of cellulite.

Firming Treatment (full body) Body flaccidity

This is an alteration of the skin tissue characterised by the loss of tone and elasticity.

It usually appears as a result of skin ageing but also following a sudden loss of weight or after a pregnancy or breastfeeding. They are typically located in the area of the abdomen, breasts, thighs, arms, etc.

Reducel by Freihaut works on preventing and combating body flaccidity: it regenerates connective tissue, nourishes the affected areas and gives elasticity to skin as a whole.